Touch2Play Wall

Touch2Play Wall is all about fun and engagement for kids of all ages. Featuring easy-to-play games, that are simply touch to play!   Designed to be hassle-free entertainment, this system will be as appreciated by your staff as it is enjoyed by your visitors. The eye-catching huge screen will excite kids as soon as they enter your space!

  • Huge 50” high definition screen
  • Easy-to-clean & sanitize
  • Extremely durable, waterproof and secure
  • No internet is required for gameplay
  • Multi-touch screen allows more than one person to play at once
  • Choice of toddler or teen package
  • 3-year warranty

48 1/4”(122.6cm)w x 32”(81.3cm)h x 4 1/16”(10.32cm)d

Ideal Locations:

Waiting rooms, Restaurants, Offices, Entertainment areas.

Available in 18 Colors:

2 Game Packs Available:

Toddler Activity Package

Ages 2-8

Our toddler package offers activities that are easy-to-play with no reading required with minimal menus and loading time. Multi-touch screen allows more than one child to play at a time. Games include Paint Book, Animal Memory, Hit the Gator and Tracing Letters and more.

Teen Games Package

Ages 8-18

Games that are fun, sporty, action-oriented, brain-teasing and sometimes just silly, your adolescent visitors will enjoy the novelty of this giant screen! Games include: Basketball Jam, Flick Shot, Bowling & more!

“We’ve had many happy families play the games. A particular mom said to me “We come to this library 1-2 times a week to get out of the house. We love it here! Thank you so much for bringing Touch2Play to the Library!”

Mounting Options:

Wall Mount

Mount anywhere on the wall from 12” to 48”. Contact us for age-appropriate mounting heights.

Floor Mount

Stand-alone mounting option for spaces without walls or with low-sill glass walls. Mount against a wall or mount 2 units back-to-back in an open-concept design. Must be secured to the floor.

Tons of Games Included

In-Store Marketing

No Internet Required

3 Year Warranty

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