Games and Activities to Brighten the Day and Engage the Mind

Units provide easy-to-use entertainment for seniors and visitors. Used as part of a recreation or therapy program or just for some daily fun, residents will find something they love from a wide selection of games and activities. Touch2Play units can be situated in a common area or can be moved from room-to-room on mobile carts so everyone can access the fun!

Easy to Set up & Use

Our units are easy-to-clean & sanitize, secure, durable and easy-to-set-up and maintain. Units are simply plugged in and are ready to play. No passwords or internet access is required so residents and visitors can play whenever they want.

Accessible & Mobile

Large screens that are easy to see and intuitive to navigate allow seniors to find their favorite games and try new ones. Game units can be situated in a common area or can be mounted a mobile cart that can be moved to wherever it is needed.

Games for Seniors & Their Visitors

Games have been developed with Seniors in mind. Card, board, casino and puzzle games are included – along with sport and other activities that will appeal to residents and visitors of all ages.

Promotes Cognitive Stimulation & Social Interaction

Provides a dynamic and engaging platform that can be used in recreation and occupational therapy. Multi-player options and group programming can foster meaningful connections while individual play can facilitate valuable personal time.

Where Every Touch Unlocks Happiness!

“We are loving our Touch2Play!
I am so glad that we managed to get one before the Covid issue started as we have been using it non-stop.
I highly recommend this for long term care use.”

Shari Ecclestone

Director of Resident Programs, Muskoka Shores, Sienna Living

Products for Seniors:

Our Touch2Play Seniors edition is designed to transform living spaces into vibrant hubs of joy and engagement, fostering a positive atmosphere for residents. With large screens and no passwords, units are designed to easy to explore so seniors can enjoy their independence while playing games by themselves, with staff or with family and friends.

Mobile Flex Cart

Mounted with a 21” Touch2Play Max, this mobile cart allows for easy play from beds, wheel chairs, standard chairs or even a standing position. The adjustable arm will raise, lower, tilt and swivel to position the screen for maximum accessibility. Sturdy wheel design allows for easy movement between rooms, floors or buildings.


The 15” screen offers great options for games and activities when space is limited. Options include cards, casino, sport, puzzle, creative and low-skill or no skill activities.


43” multi-touch screen is extremely durable and waterproof. A choice of 2 legs that are bolted to the floor or wheels for a mobile option. Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant, one to four players can enjoy the sports, cards, board and creative games on this unit.


A 21” screen makes the games and activities easy to see. Options include cards, casino, sport, puzzle, creative and low-skill or no skill activities.

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