Touch2Play Elite

Touch2Play Elite comes packed with great games that are sure to keep your customers entertained and coming back. With its easy-to-clean & sanitize cabinet and screen, table-top mounting and a durable, space efficient design – Touch2Play Elite will be a great addition to any location.

  • 13” HD multi-touch screen
  • Easy-to-clean and sanitize
  • Tough, durable, secure cabinet
  • Easy-to-install table-mounted cabinet
  • No internet is required for gameplay
  • Standard electrical outlet
  • 3-year, no-nonsense, warranty
  • Space efficient design matches modern décor
  • Massive collection of games included
  • In-store Marketing Run videos or display ad screens to promote products or services

13.7″(34.7cm)w x 10.2″(26cm)h x 5.4″(13.8cm)d

Ideal Locations:

Waiting rooms, Restaurants, Offices, Entertainment areas.

Available in 18 Colors:

Digital Entertainment and In-Store Marketing from the Global Leader in Electronic Customer Entertainment!

“I’ve been using Touch2Play products for 30 years in my practice, I think they’re great products! I think every office needs to have these games. This is what kids come for; they want to play and they want to be entertained. If you want to stay in touch with reality you have to have these games!”

Dr. Marshall Fleer

Tons of Games Included

In-Store Marketing

No Internet Required

3 Year Warranty

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Easy-to-play, family-rated games
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