Designed for young children, the Play Centers offer electronic and manual play for one to 4 children at one time. No installation is required, simply set it down and plug it in to play.

  • 21” Touch2Play Max loaded with games for ages 2-6
  • Side play modules with simple and engaging activities
  • No internet is required for gameplay
  • Choice of green alligator or purple hippopotamus theme
  • Easy installation
  • 3-year no-nonsense warranty

36”(91.5cm)w x 32”(81cm)d x 57”(145cm)h

Ideal Locations:

Waiting rooms, Restaurants, Offices, Entertainment areas.

Available in 18 Colors:

Available as either Ally Gator or Happy Hippo graphic panels.

“Our children love the Touch2Play, and it is always in use!
It’s definitely a popular item in the children’s area.”

Tons of Games Included

In-Store Marketing

No Internet Required

3 Year Warranty

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Easy-to-play, family-rated games
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