Touch2Play Max

Touch2Play Max is the ideal game for any business that wants to entertain families when they are visiting. Big enough for two players to stand side-by-side with games that are great for all ages. Waiting rooms and kids’ or play areas will be more fun with this easy-to-clean & sanitize cabinet and touch screen.

  • Large 21” HD screen, games come alive for an exciting gaming experience
  • Headphone connection capability
  • Easy-to-clean & sanitize
  • Tough, durable, secure cabinet
  • Tons of great games
  • No internet is required for gameplay
  • Multi-touch/Multi-player games, true 2 player ability for a more social experience
  • Access only web sites of your choosing in total security
  • Run videos or display ad screens to promote products or services
  • News and weather are available
  • Easy to install
  • Standard electrical outlet
  • 3-year warranty
22”(55.9cm)w x 14 1/4”(36.2cm)h x 4 1/8”(10.5cm)d
Ideal Locations:

Waiting rooms, Restaurants, Offices, Entertainment areas.

Available in 18 Colors:

Mounting Options:

Wall Mount

Most popular mounting option. Can be done above a table or counter top or just on the wall for a player standing or seated.

Table Mount

Easily mounted to a table or countertop. Ideal when there is no available wall. Takes up very little space.

Back to Back

When two-sided play is an option, units can be mounted back-to-back on a table or counter for twice the fun.

Post Mount/Multi-Mount

Mount one or two units on a post that is bolted to the floor. Great option when no wall or counter space is available or you want a middle of the room feature.

Easy-to-play, Family-rated Games That Are Great For All Ages!

“We are so happy that our Touch2Play had been installed and our patrons are LOVING it! It has been installed on a small table by the circulation desk and its a great way to  keep our little ones from running out while parents are checking out materials. Adults are also having fun – we’ve got a few from offices in our building who come in and play on their break time. WE LOVE OUR TOUCH2PLAY!”

Tons of Games Included

In-Store Marketing

No Internet Required

3 Year Warranty

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Easy-to-play, family-rated games
with great options for all ages.


Easy-to-play, family-rated games
with great options for all ages.


Games include puzzles, sports,
creative, problem solving and casual


Easy-to-play, family-rated games
that are great for all ages.