Touch2Play's Therapeutic Solutions for Individuals of All Abilities.

Discover the transformative potential of Touch2Play in the realm of therapeutics, where entertainment, learning, games, and sensory experiences converge to empower individuals of all abilities. Our innovative units are meticulously designed to offer a secure and durable platform for exploration and engagement, catering specifically to special needs adults, kids, autistic individuals, group homes, day programs, and anyone seeking a sensory-rich experience. 

Accessible & Mobile

Therapeutic entertainment, learning, and sensory experiences built into your space or on the go. With easy setup and intuitive touch-screen technology, Touch2Play empowers therapists, caregivers, and individuals alike to create engaging environments that promote growth and well-being.

Simple, Durable & Secure

With intuitive interfaces and robust construction, our units ensure hassle-free setup and operation, allowing therapists and caregivers to focus on what truly matters—providing enriching experiences. 

Customized Content

With tons of base games to choose from, there is something for everyone. We’re happy to work with you to customize your entertainment, learning, and sensory experience on your units that best suit your setting’s needs.

Empowering Independence & Social Interaction

We empower individuals to explore and interact with the world around them on their own terms. Our multi-player games offer the opportunity for comfortable social interaction allowing for parallel and associative play.

Enhancing Lives, Inspiring Smiles!

Enhancing the lives of special needs individuals
through entertainment,
play, learning, and
sensory experiences with Touch2Play Technology.

Therapeutic Products:

With Touch2Play, therapy transcends traditional boundaries, as our adaptive technology seamlessly integrates entertainment and learning into immersive sensory experiences. Whether it’s stimulating cognitive development, fostering social interaction, or simply providing moments of joy, our units are equipped to meet diverse therapeutic needs while ensuring lasting durability and security. Join us in creating inclusive spaces where every touch unlocks new possibilities for growth and enjoyment.


Offering games that include cards, casino, sports, creative, word,  puzzles and low-skill or no-skills options, the Touch2Play Max has something for everyone.


Our smaller unit features easy to play touchscreen technology that allows visitors with no computer skills to enjoy the fun. It features games that offer a variety of options for one or two players.


Touch2Play Elite comes packed with tons of great games that are sure to keep players entertained and coming back. A great addition to any location.

Flex Mobile Cart

Move the fun to wherever it is needed. Flexible design of this mobile cart allows for easy play from hospital beds, wheelchairs, standard chairs, lounges or specialty chairs.


The exciting family-friendly entertainment table will be the main feature of any room! Play head-to-head games such as Foosball, Bloop, Air Hockey and much more!


Touch2Play Wall is all about fun and engagement for kids of all ages. Featuring easy-to-play games, that are simply touch to play!

Euro Wood

The Euro Wood takes its styling cues from Europe and is our most elegant cabinet. It will house Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Touch2Play game systems. Maple wood finish with a silver front panel. The Euro Wood is traditionally mounted on the wall.

Euro Metal

The Euro Metal is a very versatile and durable cabinet which will house Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Touch2Play game systems. Available in any of our powder coat colors to suit your décor. Several mounting options are available such as wall, or post-mount.

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