A Welcoming and Fun Environment for Everyone with Touch2Play

Children look forward to their appointments at dental offices that have Touch2Play games to play. Patients are more likely to show up on time and be more relaxed when the waiting room offers exciting video and touchscreen games. With no mess to clean up, staff will love these low-maintenance and easy-to-clean systems.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

A simple wipe of the screen and cabinet will keep the unit germ-free. With no other maintenance required, they don’t even have to be turned on or off, the units will take care of themselves for years.

Accessible & Mobile

Large screens that are easy to see and intuitive to navigate allow patients to find their favourite games and try new ones. Game units can be situated in a common area or can be mounted a mobile cart that can be moved to wherever it is needed.

A More Relaxed Visit

Games and activities for all ages are a great distraction and create a happy environment for families. Sports, puzzles, creative activities, silly and problem solving games will provide something for everyone!

Attract New Patients

Create an inviting atmosphere that will make your office the place to be. Increase referrals and keep families coming back with great service and a fun, happy office.

Patients of All Ages Love Touch2Play!

We bought four video games for our office and we can’t say enough what a difference these games have made. Our patients and staff love it. Barb helped us make the right choice.  We are delighted with our purchase.”

- Dr. Leila Moghadam

Products for Dental Offices:

Our Touch2Play units transform working spaces into vibrant hubs of joy and engagement, fostering a positive atmosphere for client and patients. With large screens and no passwords, units are designed to easy to explore so visitors of all ages can play games by themselves, with staff or with family and friends.


Offering games that include cards, casino, sports, creative, word,  puzzles and low-skill or no-skills options, the Touch2Play Max has something for everyone.


Our smaller unit features easy to play touchscreen technology that allows visitors with no computer skills to enjoy the fun. It features games that offer a variety of options for one or two players.


Touch2Play Elite comes packed with tons of great games that are sure to keep players entertained and coming back. A great addition to any location.


The Edge video game kiosk is available in any of our standard powder coat color options and can be equipped with Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch game consoles.

Euro Wood

The Euro Wood takes its styling cues from Europe and is our most elegant cabinet. It will house Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Touch2Play game systems. 

Euro Metal

The Euro Metal is a very versatile and durable cabinet which will house Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Touch2Play game systems. 


This exciting kid’s play table will be the main feature of any room! Play head-to-head games such as Foosball, Bloop, Air Hockey and much more!

Play Centers

Play Center includes a 21″ Touch2Play Max and a play module on each side to entertain more children at the same time. 2 different graphic panels to choose from.

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