“Our Touch2Plays are always in use! I don’t think I have ever seen them idle. The Veterans thoroughly enjoy them and the content provided.” Col. Allan Faxon, Vermont Veterans’ Home

Games that will bring smiles to the faces and engage the mind of our Veterans

Touch2Play game units offer accessible fun for Veterans of all ages and their visitors. Easy to use, with up to 70 games to choose from, Veterans will find their favorites to pass the time, play with friends or they can be integrated into group or therapeutic programming. Touch2Play units can be placed in a common area or moved from room to room on mobile carts so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Touch2Play units are easy-to-clean & sanitize, secure, durable and easy-to-set-up and maintain. Units are simply plugged in and are ready to play. No passwords or internet access is required so residents and visitors can play whenever they want. Units requires little attention from staff so they can focus on their daily activities.

Accessible and Mobile

Large screens that are easy to see and intuitive to navigate allow veterans to find their favourite games and try new ones. Game units can be situated in a common area or can be mounted a mobile cart that can be moved to wherever it is needed.

Games for Veterans and their Visitors

Games have been developed with veterans in mind. Card, board, casino and puzzle games are available – along with sport and other games that appeal to residents and visitors of all ages.

“Our residents and visitors all love to use the Touch2Plays!”

– Chris H, Oregon Veterans Home